Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim!

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What woman hasn't murmured that to herself upon encountering a slender member of the female species? Especially one who has had children, or is older than 30?

Even as she ponders it, behind that question is another—is it lucky genes or hard work? In this inspiring book, Sally Shields demonstrates that she again has her finger on the pulse of the collective female psyche, as 101 women share how they manage to keep fit.

America's Celebrity Mom Reveals The Master Secrets—Those That Give You The Power to Change...Everything!

Ever since college, I have struggled with my weight. I was obsessed with new fad diets such as calorie restriction, low-fat, low-carb, cabbage soup, Acai berry, the Zone, South Beach, and the Grapefruit, Lemonade, and Special K diets! I have fallen off the wagon and eaten pizza (many slices at one sitting) and ice cream. Whole tubs of it. Entire packages of pasta. And my personal weakness, Thai food. Lots of it.

Discover the amazing secrets of how to lose weight, become vitally alive and achieve your most cherished dreams, in this compilation of over 1 year of intense research. You can tap into your personal power, but only if you act now!

A couple years into marriage, I experienced such hunger pangs during pregnancy that I ate on the hour, round the clock. After all, this was the proverbial time of life that one could simply eat and not be judged—a great excuse to enjoy food! Well, by the time my second child was born, I was the heaviest I'd ever been, but hey, I was a mom, right?

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This 235 page book is jam-packed with the information you've been craving!

Nonetheless, I vowed to watch what I ate—that is, until the next hunger pang came along, and I didn't exactly feel like giving up the bagels and pasta! I thought about joining a gym, but already had an exercise bike at home, so why spend the money? So I got on it. But somehow, because I was "exercising," I also allowed myself to eat more. So when the nice lady next door came over with some holiday treats, I had three pieces. Uh-oh... The next day, I hesitantly stepped on the scale. I knew then that I had a problem, a serious problem that wasn't getting better, but in fact was getting worse. Not only was I obsessed with losing weight and dieting, but I was failing, and gaining weight. This scared me!

You will literally change the way you think, and discover everything you need to make a profound and positive improvement in your life and body, and intensify your level of happiness!

All those skinny women out there... it couldn't all be just genetics. I thought to myself, "Well, why not go ahead and just ask these women for their insider secrets, and not just a little piece of advice they could pass off while waiting for the kids after school." I would ask a LOT of women a LOT of questions. I would find out the real deal. I desperately wanted to be thin again! I even had a cartoon drawn of myself at my ideal weight (see the cover of this book!). Having someone sketch you thin is a lot easier than diet and exercise—LOL! But I wondered how exactly to lose weight, and keep it off, for good.

The personal payoff you will receive after reading just one chapter is worth at least 100 times your investment. Add in hundreds of dollars of FREE bonus products, and the offer is, well, irresistible!

So, in typical investigative fashion, I went about gathering the myriad profiles contained in this book in order to uncover, and ultimately divulge, the secrets of the sexy and slim. I wanted to know precisely what people ate, how much, when, were they always thin, and if not, what they did about it. Did they drink a lot of water, use supplementation? What were their fitness routines, and did they include weight training? What attitudes and philosophies did they embody? And anything and everything else I could think of, I would ask them. I wanted to find out if their skinniness was a force of nature, luck of the draw, or a matter of discipline at work!

The Experts Speak Out! Here's what natural health, fitness, success coach and media experts are saying about Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim?

"WOW! A picture book for grown-ups! A colorful, fun, and inspiring book that shows us IT CAN BE DONE!"

~Bonnie D. Graham, TV host

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? brings real women of all shapes and sizes into a wonderfully produced book with stats and photos.

~Monique Rowe, blogger

" Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? contains a slew of fascinating weight stories from the people who are most affected by scale issues—real women. Here's to women helping other women!"

~Claudia Copquin, editor

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? gives advice and tips from real women who have found a solution to their weight issues and offers motivation to those who are still finding their way. A little something for everyone!"

~Mary Jones, radio host

"This book is NOT 'another one of those'; it's radically different and inspiring. Seeing photos of women sharing their stories elevated this from another 'rah rah' book about dieting to one showing that whether you're 20 or 70, healthy weight loss and a healthy life are possible."

~Christa Allan, author

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? is funny and informative. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to lose weight."

~Christy Whitman, author

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? is a wonderful book to read because you learn that being healthy and maintaining a fit body is a choice that requires discipline."

~Naren Arulrajah, columnist

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! is the necessary tool to help EVERYONE who wants help with body issues. This book shows us why we should 'live-it' and not 'diet' no matter how old, how fat, how thin, or how fed-up we are with our bodies."

~Jane Angelich, entrepreneur

"Whether you're naturally thin, disciplined, and/or want to shed some pounds, you'll find insight and inspiration for women of all ages within these pages.It kept me turning pages to the end!"

~Dorothy Barron, director, Parents Focused on Education

"Every woman wants to love her body and Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? will give you the inspiration and motivation to love yours. A must-read."

~Kristin Bender, columnist

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? is the story of real women giving their insight on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight in age groups from the 20's through the 60's."

~Robert Medak, editor

"Anyone who has ever wondered about how to get thin will get their answers! An inspiring tome for anyone looking to lose unwanted pounds and maintain a lifetime of healthy habits, Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? will not disappoint!"

~Sarah Shaw,

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? takes a candid look into beautiful women's weight secrets. Interesting, intimate, and informative!"

~Shoshana Bennett, PhD

"Great read for all, especially us fatties! A breathe of inspiration—now where did I leave that discipline?"

~Joey Alcarese, FAB Freedom Foundation

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! is a must-read for any woman who wants to lose weight or simply live a healthy life. This is a book all women should have in their home libraries."

~Jennifer McDonald, blogger

"We all learn and are inspired by other women's stories, especially when they're about the universal struggle with weight. Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? can help you design your own plan for a healthy and fit lifestyle."

~Phyllis Goldberg, PhD, and Rosemary Lichtman, PhD

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! is a must-read for women of all ages who have weight-loss challenges, struggle with cravings, look for the magic weight-loss pill, or are obsessed with yo-yo dieting in general. This book is exactly what women need in order to start taking care of themselves and to feel and look fabulous naturally."

~Irina Wardas,

"If you are really interested in living a lifestyle that promotes and supports being slim, then Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? is the only book you need to read on the subject! It is a fast read, a book you will study in-depth and refer to over and over for years.

~Jackie Black, PhD

"If you've ever had issues with self-esteem or weight, this inspiring book is perfect for you."

~Nicole Scott-Tate,

"This book is definitely a one-size-fits-all! Any obstacle you may have, you'll find a woman who overcame it. It's like having them do all your homework for you, from healthy living to that motivation nugget you need when you're stuck, this book is chock-full of great tips to get you toned, trim, and disciplined."

~Kelly Bouchard, success coach

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! lays out a solid plan for fighting fat and tipping the scale in your favor."

~John Basedow, TV personality and fitness DVD creator

"Sally Shields is like your BFF, giving you the best tips to get thin and stay that way. Some great advice on how to look good and feel terrific!"

~Lissa Coffey,

"Be encouraged! There are so many ways to achieve the body and lifestyle of your dreams, and Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! will show you exactly how!"

~Mia King, bestselling author, Sweet Life

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! is a refreshing, relatable look at the challenges of maintaining—or regaining—and embracing a healthy lifestyle. The stories are told by real women with real lives who don't have personal trainers at their beck and call, yet have made the decision to make their own health and wellness a priority"

~Denee King,

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? features real women sharing their secrets to staying thin, which is much more relatable to the average woman than the thin models on the magazine covers."

~Wade Sorochan, radio host

"The self-discipline mentioned in Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? is like The Art of War against weight. These life stories are about more than losing weight; each is an inspirational example of true leadership. First lead yourself to a goal, then others."

~D. Miserandino,

"A great book if you need a little bit of encouragement on your weight loss and/or healthy-living journey. Read brief bios of people who have been there and done it!"

~LaDonna Harris, blogger

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim! is not about the 'diet' but the 'way of life.' This is a must-have book for any woman!"

~Dani Gurrie,

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? makes you remember that beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes. Even more importantly, you'll feel like you've got a gallery of girlfriends giving you their best tips on what they really do to maintain a healthy body. It's real-world advice you can refer back to again and figure out what works for you."

~Lauren Schiller and Steph Walton, BlogTalkRadio co-hosts

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Breakthrough to Achieve 5 Lesson Training Course

In the Breakthrough to Achieve 5 lesson training course you’ll learn:

*The Number ONE Obstacle that Interferes with Wealth Building more than anything else which very few people are aware of * Why you are doing things you don’t want to do and how you can start doing the things you love most * The #1 strategy you must have in order to make quantum leaps in your life that very few people follow * How to overcome the 3 tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck so you can start attracting more of what you want ... and more!

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Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Dream The Answer

In Dream The Answer, Seann offers instructions and insights on how you can remember and interpret your dreams. Topics range from the Lost Continent of Atlantis, cancer cures, addictions and where is it safe to live in 2012.

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Dr. Janet Brill

Dr. Janet's top 5 diet foods

What is the secret of attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight for life? How can we best fight off the battle of the bulge? What many people don't realize in their quest for eternal thinness is that the secret to shaving off the excess fat lies not so much in that bottle of supplements or on the plastic surgeon's table but is much more dependent on what is being routinely served on your dinner plate.
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Debora George

How Sweet It Is!

Since 1987, there has been a delectable way to celebrate any occasion with a home or office delivered cake in the United States, including military addresses overseas! Wire-A-Cake has come up with a delicious travel stable cake that can be sent complete with personalized decoration, so don’t let another Birthday, Valentine's, Anniversary or any other festive occasion go without a cake because of the distance!

Call us toll free at 1-800-WIRE-A-CAKE and mention this special promotion!
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Ray Faulkenberry

The Corporate Samurai - Striking The Balance

We ALL live a life that is AT—RISK to not fulfilling our potential and achieving what we're capable of. Striking the balance entertains the reader by applying wonderful metaphors from a SAMURAI philosophy that is timeless in its wisdom as we all look to live our life and become the person we always dreamed we could become.

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Wendy Battles

4 Simple Steps to Meal Planning Success!

Are you out of great ideas for making simple, healthy and delicious meals? Sick of spending far too much money on groceries, only to wind up throwing half of it away when it goes bad? 4 Simple Steps to Meal Planning Success will teach you four key steps that will help you save tons of money AND make tasty meals you and your family will love!

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Colleen Riddle

Bonding with Baby Exercises

As new moms sometimes its hard to find a full 30 minutes to fit in a workout. Here's a great video showing nine different exercises you can do throughout the day to bond with your baby and squeeze some exercise in!

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Betty Johansen

Electrons on the Loose

The repelling force of like charges and the attractive force of different charges are two of the most important forces in the natural world. Explore the fascinating effect of atomic charge with your child by doing these simple science activities, which Betty uses as part of a high school science lab exercise.

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Terri Levine

Magnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance

When you use the principles of magnetizing, you don't simply let life 'happen' to you. You decide what you want and then by using the principles of magnetizing you bring what you want right to you. It's how we create our own reality.

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Become a Wedding Planner

Remember Jennifer Lopez in the hit movie The Wedding Planner? Hollywood aside, the wedding planner market is big business. In fact, it's the fastest growing sector of the very lucrative $58 billion dollar wedding industry. If you have a genuine love of weddings, and a passion for the glitter and excitement that comes with them, becoming a wedding planner might just be your opportunity to do what you love. Get a fascinating glimpse into this "prestige profession" in this special report by Linda Kevich.

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My wish is that those who are struggling, discouraged, and looking for answers, will receive the same inspiration and education I did from these honest, forthright, heartfelt, and caring stories. Each contributor has opened up with a very detailed account as to how she maintains her beautiful frame in order to help us all, and for that I am eternally grateful!

To quote the BeachBody slogan, "Decide. Commit. Succeed!"

Sally Shields Buy Thin Book At Amazon
Sally Shields
Speaker, Radio Personality and International Media Specialist
#1 Bestseller of The DAUGHTER-IN-LAW Rules
co-host, "Blurb!"

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