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"Sally's indispensible book is fun, easy to read and loaded with essential information. Don't even think about collaborating without reading it!"

Mark Steisel

"The Collaborator Rules offers wise and upbeat advice. Sally Shields practices what she preaches, while passing on her life lessons in a fun, compelling, and caring way."

LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D.
psychologist, social worker and author

"This book provides the solutions to all problems faced (financial or otherwise) when collaborating on a writing project. The Collaborator Rules is an excellent read, easy to implement, covers all the issues that might arise and throws at the reader a healthy dose of amusement to keep you grounded and smiling. If you are thinking of collaborating on any type of project, writing or anything else, it is well advised that you purchase a copy of The Collaborator Rules before you choose your collaborators. The book offers you explanations of all of the pitfalls to watch out for and solutions to problems that arise during collaboration. I wish I had read this book 10 years ago. The Collaborator Rules would have saved me a lot of grief. It will definitely save you having to overcome a lot of collaboration problems.

Rowdy Rhodes site manager, freelance writing organization, Int.

"Not everyone is as lucky as I am, having had the pleasure of working with so many outstanding collaborators and co-authors. Still, I received from this delightful book many nuggets of wisdom will help me be a more effective collaborator with those who do me the honor of working with me. Sally has a way of sharing her wisdom that combines a light-hearted, humorous and entertaining style with very, very important lessons that cut right to the heart of an issue. If you are thinking of collaborating with someone on a project, are in the midst of doing so, or have done so previously, I suggest you read this book."

Bob Burg
author of books including Endless Referrals and co-author of The Go-Giver

"I think Sally Shields strikes again with The Collaborator Rules! Anyone who is considering a collaboration of any kind should not do so without reading this book. It is chocked-full of great advice, that can make the difference between your writing partner becoming a trusted friend or a mortal foe. Laced with humor, Shields has a knack for tackling the most sensitive of topics head-on, but with wit and grace. You will laugh out loud and potentially save yourself much unnecessary contention. The Collaborator Rules rules!"

John Curtis, Ph.D.

"Sally's indispensible book is fun, easy to read and loaded with essential information. Don't even think about collaborating without reading it!"

Mark Steisel

"As a co-author of numerous articles, one book, and one book in process, I can say from experience that collaborating with another author can be daunting and disappointing. Sally Shields' new book, The Collaborator Rules gives us sound advice. Follow the rules and don't be afraid to say No! It's a great book and I recommend it to any author or collaborator."

Douglas E. Noll
radio host and founder of,

"Handy rules that will save us all a lot of stress & trouble... The Collaborator Rules book is a keeper!!"

Jim Agnew
reviewer, producer, literary researcher and founder of

"What does it take to successfully collaborate on a book or project? What does it require to be successful in any relationship? In The Collaborator Rules, Sally Shields spells out exactly how to identify the co-author of your dreams. The book is funny, insightful and full of great tips to make your next collaboration a successful and fun endeavor."

Dr. Joe Rubino
founder and CEO,

"The Collaborator Rules offers wise and upbeat advice. Sally Shields practices what she preaches, and she passes on her life lessons to her readers."

LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D.
psychologist, social worker and author

"Collaborations are like close family relationships; particularly when you're writing. Writing is personal, intimate and emotional. You've got to pick your collaborators carefully and make sure you agree on ground rules for a successful relationship. Sally Shields knows the importance of rules in relationships. Her "Daughter-In-Law Rules" will keep families together for generations. She's done the same with writers, editors and supporters who want to work together. Don't even think about collaborating on your next project without first reading "Collaborator Rules" by Sally Shields!"

Jim Buchard
motivational speaker and author of, Dynamic Components of Personal Power

"I've been a partner in sixteen bestselling (mostly) collaborations and I wish I'd had The Collaborator Rules from the beginning. It's joyful, easy-reading and hugely informative. Collaboration being one of the most intimate, intricate relationships, it's just as necessary to negotiate the possible pitfalls as well as the co-author love affair, and Sally Shields seems to have covered it all. I can't believe how lucky I've been to be able to creep into other peoples' fascinating lives and have them be part of mine...but it all begins and ends well with failsafe rules; Shields gives you the rules. Trust her!"

Sherry Suib Cohen
collaborator with Paula Deen,Star Jones, Estee Lauder

"With delightful simplicity and humor, The Collaborator Rules hands us step-by-step guidelines to happy working partnerships. Congratulations to Sally Shields for delivering this pertinent information in such a user-friendly, clever manner. I only wish I had access to this information years ago!"

Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D.
International speaker, trainer and author of, Postpartum Depression For Dummies

"Before considering a collaborator for any written work, you absolutely MUST read The Collaborator Rules. This fast, but important read by Sally Shields will guarantee your writing bliss later down the collaboration road while also saving you from costly missteps along the way. You've already learned the "who-what-where" of writing, Sally will teach you "when-why-what for" of collaboration."

Jamie Saloff,
author, book consultant and designer

"Rather than overload pages with self-help-speak, Shields keeps her points short and funny. Pick any page and you'll find a smart tip and a chuckle."

Dave Lefkowitz
radio host and founder,

"Outstanding! Sally Shields has written the manual for life in the guise of a handbook for writers."

Kurek Ashley
bestselling author, speaker, peak performance and success coach

"Easy, lighthearted, brilliant! The Collaborator Rules is an easy to read manual for ALL human relationships. I couldn't put it down!"

Lou Kelly
radio host

"In The Collaborator Rules, Sally Shields cleverly intertwines subliminal life lessons between the lines of this narrative in a light and easy to read format."

Rick Frishman
founder, planned television arts

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