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Publicity Secrets Revealed

Publicity Secrets Revealed:
Home Study System

What every PR firm doesn't want you to know!

This Home Study System includes:

  • how to create a killer release that will have the media clamoring to interview you
  • sample press release templates
  • what every author needs to know about setting up their website
  • 7 hook strategies guaranteed to get you publicity
  • how to get corporations to purchase your book by the truckload
  • how to get your book into Wal-Mart
  • sample cover letters, sales sheets, order forms and printer quote info
  • how to prepare a corporate sponsorship proposal
  • sample power point presentation that can earn you up to $150,000 or more
  • a list of top book contests
  • list of 101ways to market your book, product or service
  • and much, much more!

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Sometimes it's just easier to learn in small, bite-sized pieces, one step at a time.

Organized, sequential, and at your own pace, each of the PDF mini-modules below comes with a 1:1 private coaching session, designed to help Sally tailor a customized marketing plan specifically for you.

What Every Successful Author Needs to Know about Setting Up their Website (that most authors do not know about!) $27
Everything You Need to Know about How to Contact the Media (and the 7 Hook Strategies to be timely and Get Booked NOW) $27
How to Sell Your Book to Organization and Corporations in Large Quantities (that will make you more money in one day that most authors make in a lifetime!) $27
How to Create Your Non-Negotiable Almighty "Elevator Pitch!" (that will create curiosity and have the media begging for more!) $27
How to Create an Eye-Catching Media Release (that will have the media clamoring to interview you) $27
How to Create the Perfect Press Release (that PRNewswire and other national media outlets will take seriously) $27
Everything You Need to know to Create a Killer Press Kit to Get Booked on Radio (that will have the media calling you for interviews!) $27
How to Create an Amazing Sales Page (that will have your readers whipping out their wallets!) $27
How to Get Thousands of Dollars in Corporate Sponsorships (with a simple 10 page power-point presentation) $27
The Top 10 Little-Known Amazonian Secrets to Drive TONS of Traffic to Your Book (and 101 OTHER ways to market your book, product or service) $27
Everything you need to know to get started with Social Networking (in order to make tidal waves and create your own BUZZ) $27
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