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Media Quotes

"Sally was a fantastic guest, compelling & most certainly entertaining, tackling one of the great subjects of our time in a way that made you not want to switch the radio off!"

Mark Hitchings
Producer, 96 Trent FM,

"FUNNY! If your show likes to have lots of fun, Sally is perfect! She had us in stitches for the whole segment!”

Bo Sullivan

“Great guest! A topic every radio listener can relate to and Sally really brings a fun perspective to the discussion. Her energy and knowledge made for a terrific interview.”

Kelly Green
Host, 100.9 The Farm

"Sally was great! Her energy and insights added an informative and fun element to a topic that most folks can relate to! Both men and women responded very favorably. I strongly recommend her as a guest, and will absolutely invite her back!”

Mary Jones
Host, WDRC-AM,

"Sally Shields has written the gold-standard in survival guides for any woman thinking about getting married. People are still talking about our interview weeks after the fact."

Chris Collins
Host, WHMP Radio, Northampton, Mass

"Sally was a wonderful guest on my talk radio program. She was fun, warm, friendly, and very professional. Her tips and advice are practical and easy to understand. All around great guest to have on the program."

Dr. Terri Orbuch
Host, The Love Doctor Talk Radio Program, VoiceAmerica Network

“It was my pleasure to welcome Sally to my long-running Long Island cable program. Sally was well-prepared and my audience truly enjoyed this lighthearted-yet-serious perspective on how women of different generations can succeed in peacefully "sharing" the same man – son and husband.” Bravo to Sally!”

Bonnie D. Graham
Producer/Host, SomethingToTalk

"Sally Shields is a fun, upbeat guest, and brings in-depth knowledge and great enthusiasm to her subject!"

Gov Landrum
Producer, The Murphy and Denise Morning show, KOSI 101.1

“There are many things one should know before getting married but rarely do relationships with our in-laws show up on the list. Well, that's changed forever thank to Sally Shields and her book, The Daughter-in-law Rules! Sally blew out the phone lines on with her wit and insight. An insightful book and a powerful radio delivery."

Dr. Pat Baccili

“If you are targeting females of any age, Sally can relate - she is energetic, enthusiastic, and confident about her content. It's a delightful segment with substance and smile!”

Paul Clayton
Host, The Morning ShowAM 850 KFUO, St. Louis, MO

“What a fun and entertaining guest Sally was on our morning show! She just took the ball and ran with it, telling funny stories and making us laugh. A great wake up interview, and Sally is welcomed on this show anytime.”

Charlie Papillo
Host, The Charlie and Ernie Show,

“Sally’s boundless energy and positive attitude jumped through the phne and kept our phones alive. I was exhausted after just talking with her!”

JT Morgan
Host, First Edition, WCOJ 1420-AM

"Sally was a great guest. She has an ear for comedy and an eye for detail that will most certainly help any wife who fears her monster-in-law. And her book is a great recommendation for any newlywed!"

Kim Iverson
Host, Your

"Sally Shields is an excellent, entertaining, and informative guest! Her energy, enthusiasm, and sense of humor makes for a perfect morning-drive segment. We're already planning on having Sally back on the program again."

Rob Hakala

Being married is hard enough, but in laws? That dilemma has existed since the beginning of time. Sally gave the audience practical tips on how to lure the hardest of them all - your mother-in-law! She was funny, truthful and hit the nail on the head. Listeners were calling in saying, "That happened to me" or "I am going to try that - I never thought of that!" Sally was an all-around great guest!

Josepha Salinas

Articulate and intelligent, bright and bubbly. Sally Shields lit up the show in the middle of the night. Sally Shields not only knows her subject, she knows how to talk about it.

Lou Kelly

"Sally is an energetic and fun interview. She is sure to get people listening, whether they are a daughter-in-law or not!"

Producer, The Kellogg Krew

"Sally was a lot of fun to talk to. She's energetic and clearly passionate about helping daughters-in-law have more peace in their lives. Sally's personal experiences with her own mother-in-law made for a delightfully, entertaining interview."

George Bodarky

Sally was a wonderful guest and everyone in the live chat room was really enjoying what she had to say, commenting positively throughout the show."

Lillian Brummet
Host, Conscious Discussions Radio

"What a delight it was to have Sally Shields author of The Daughter-In-Law Rules on Chat With Women Radio Show. We found her information to be eye opening for both the Daughter-In-Law and the Mother-In-Law! We can't wait to have her back on when The Mother-In-Law Rules is launched! She made getting along with your mother-in-law so simple and easy to implement. For instance: Call "mom" once a week! For an excerpt of the show, go to Thanks Sally, you're GREAT!"

Pam & Rochelle

" Sally Shields is such a fantastic guest to have on your show! She is fun, funny and very engaging! "

Wibitz Stewart Show

“Sally rules!. Thanks for being a guest on our program. More people need to hear your message, and thanks for orienting your topic to our listeners. Call us when you’re ready to talk about your next book.”

Jeff Garton and Cathy Yin
Career Contentment Radio

"Sally Shields was as bubbly and enthusiastic as Sally Fields about the subject of how to treat and get along with your mother-in-law. Sally was a delight with great tips and ideas!"

Gary Pozsik
Host of Health, Wealth and Happiness

"Having Sally Shields as a guest was very helpful for both my women and men listeners. I've received great feedback about her being on my show and being honest about her experiences with her Mother-in-Law. He book is a must have for current and soon to be Daughter-in-Law's. Sally is welcome back anytime!"

Jerris Madison
The Jay Mad Show

"Sally is a wonderful guest bringing insight to your audience on how to turn a sometimes difficult relationship into a wonderful lasting friendship!"

Kia Malone
The Daily Buzz

"We were honored for the opportunity to interview Sally on the EZHelp, You and More Radio Show. Her friendly demeanor and professionalism complimented the tips she provided. Thank You, Sally!"

Bob Redys
host, You and More Radio Show

"The DIL Rules reaches across comfortable boundaries of topics often in the subconscious of every bride (and groom) regarding the dynamic of the mother-son-new daugther relationship in a delightfully pleasent manner. Sally was one of the best and most comfortable interviews I have ever done, and anticipate a day when she can return to our airways to discuss MIL's and Soaps all in the same breath!"

Dr. Pete Ferreri
Host, KJJM The ROCK 100.5 FM

"Sally brings not only warmth and humor but deep compassion to her topic that everyone can relate to; because, every family is impacted by the relationship between mothers- and daughters-in-law. It is a relationship that has been made fun of in popular culture for far too long. Sally has bridged the gap between mothers- and daughters-in-law; and, as such, is a compelling and entertaining guest"

Sarah Elizabeth Malinak
co-host, Creating Your Ideal Relationship,

“Sally was a fantastic guest and wonderful to work with!”

Elizabeth Fanning
Producer, Fox and Friends

“Sally definitely knows her stuff when it comes to publishing! Her personal experience as an author and enthusiasm to educate listeners about the ins and outs of the publishing world come shining through in an interview.”

Ericka Taylor
Host, 101 Radio

"Sally is a delightful guest who has so much information that you would never worry about running out of interesting things to discuss. She's definitely not a "fiery retiree" but she's an inspiration to all of us who are. Invite Sally for a wonderful program!"

Phyllis May

You sound amazing! I earned a Phd in best interviewee skills from you just listening. I had to write to say how marvelous you are-there is no doubt in my mind why you've done so much media because you are a fabulous guest with AMAZING energy, and just so much wisdom and a great time to boot! I'm thrilled. I'm going to be sending this audio all over the place 'cause this was FUN! When your new book comes out I hope I'll be the first person that you call. I really appreciate it. So, thanks again, Sally, for agreeing to the interview!

Dina Eisenberg

Thank you so much for a great teleconference! You have such a kind, energetic spirit and I know that [our writers] felt uplifted by your advice and encouragement as I did. Wow, two little kids and you have accomplished so much! We always send a small token of our appreciation to our guest speakers. Are you a Starbucks fan? Thank you again.

Deb DiSandro

Sally Shield is a very talented speaker, author and radio personality. It was such a pleasure having Sally as a guest on my radio show because of her wisdom, intelligence and sense of humor. Sally’s ability to listen as well as her easy going personality can make every host feel at ease and any radio show become a success. Irina Wardas, CHHC, host/producer of talk radio show for women "Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina"

Irina Wardas

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