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"There is nothing that can help you build credibility and increase sales faster than having the distinction of "Bestseller Status!"

Sally Shields

Sally Shields

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist

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-Speaker, radio personality, free publicity specialist and author of the #1 bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules

  • There are approximately 175,000 new titles out per year
  • 80% of self-published books sell less than 50 copies
  • Still have to do (and pay for) all your own PR even if you are signed with a major publishing house

Does it have to be that way? Absolutely not!

Sally Shields comes to the rescue with delightful and witty ways to sell a LOT of books, with her Bestseller Coaching program! (A zero-low cost Strategy!)

"Through this course, I will help you gain massive visibility and credibility for your book by making it an bestseller!"

In Sally's program, you will learn what you need to do, and how you need to do it. You will learn:

  • Everything you'll need to turn your book into an bestseller on
  • The best-kept secret to making "friends" on the internet, to help you sell a lot of books fast!
  • The incredibly powerful benefits to an opt-in email blast
  • An insider track to getting celebrity endorsements for your book
  • Details to designing a Joint Venture letter so that others will gladly advertise on your behalf
  • The edgy elements that go into a sales page that urgently moves people to buy your book
  • The covert elements to optimize your Amazon sales page
  • The 8 most common Amazon mistakes and how to correct them
  • Why Donating a Percentage of Your Proceeds to Charity Can Double Your Income
  • How to use freebies to catapult your book to the #1 spot in your niche and set you apart as the go-to expert
  • How to create your very own opt-in subscriber list fast— even if your mom is the only person reading your newsletter!
  • The most powerful insider secrets to turning into your own little ATM machine!
  • And discover a little-known FREE resource loaded with hundreds of insider publishing tutorials

. . . and much, much more!

A note from Sally: "Here's why it'll work for you: I'm an author myself whose been there, (and done it with great success!), and participated in dozens of others bestsellers campaigns. You are working with an author who "walks the talk". I've deciphered the hidden formula, mastered each fundamental step and in a carefully mastered program I'll show you everything you need to do to create your own bestseller."

Take action and sign up! All these things will be covered in detail in the program!

Here's how it works... Sally's Amazing Free Publicity 101 Homestudy Program will consist of 5 weeks' worth of pre-recorded teleclasses and PDF files with detailed notes so that you can learn at your own pace.

You also get an UNPRECIDENTED bonus of unlimited email and phone support from Sally Shields throughout the program!

Attention Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs—Even if you're a complete computer novice and have no marketing expertise, I'll coach you to follow a proven formula and...

I'll Help You Make Your Book an Bestseller—Guaranteed!

Dear Fellow Author,

It's true ... I'll help you make your book an Bestseller in just 12 weeks or less.

No matter what type of book you have, whether it's brand-new or been out for a while, I'll guide you step-by-step to make your book an Amazon Bestseller and sell more books in a single day than most authors sell all year long.

I'm so confident in this method that if you follow my advice and don't hit the Amazon Bestseller List, I'll give you a 100% refund on my Homestudy Coaching program.

What makes me so sure I can deliver?

Because I've made our own book a bestseller, and participated in dozens of other Bestsellers campaigns by using this exact strategy.

I can help you sell more books and make more money in one day than most authors do in a year ... all while working from the comfort of home!

Hi ... I'm Sally Shields.

So much has happened lately it's almost hard to believe only last year, I was a first-time author myself, with a lot of bills on my hands.

I didn't have any publishing or marketing experience but I had written a book because I had a message I wanted to share with others. When my book came out, I found out that self-published books printed with POD (Print on Demand) technology were not accepted by traditional bookstores, because of their "non-returnable" status. I tried book signings and many other traditional book promotion methods but I wasn't selling many books.

Nothing seemed to be working and I was getting very frustrated. I'd written my book so others could benefit from it—not to see it sit there on unsold, ranked in the 900,000th position!

Nothing was working for me, until two fellow authors taught me their "Almost Zero Cost Amazon Bestseller Formula"

These two authors both used a very unique method to make their self-published books bestsellers almost overnight and at practically no cost.

In short, the formula involves getting people with big email lists to send out an announcement asking people to buy your book on a given day at Amazon. This method isn't "spamming" because only "opt-in" email lists are used.

To motivate people to purchase the book, you promise them a lot of digitally-downloadable "bonus gifts" for when they submitted their Amazon email receipt. For instance, buy a $20 book and you could get $500 of more of extra bonuses—a tremendous incentive to buy the book. Even better, because the formula uses email, it costs almost nothing to promote the book!

When they taught me about their "Almost Zero Cost Bestseller Formula" I knew it was the answer I'd been looking for.

I also realized while their method was simple in concept, it had to be implemented very carefully and wouldn't work if I unknowingly made even minor mistakes.

Others helped me succeed ... now let me help you master the "Formula" and become a bestselling author yourself

So to help other authors become successful, I've launched the Amazon Bestseller Mentoring Program which will teach you everything you need to know to make your book an Bestseller—and avoid a ton of expensive, embarrassing and time consuming mistakes in the process.

The VALUE of being recognized as a "Bestselling Author" is worth a king's ransom. This type of status cannot be bought. When you get there by becoming an Amazon Bestseller, you'll have the "International BESTSELLING AUTHOR" status FOREVER!

NOW I'm going to show you exactly what you can do to make your own book a Bestseller in just 42 days after you complete my mentoring program.

In my unique mentoring program, I'm going to step you through precisely what you need to do to launch your bestseller campaign in a way that is very precise. One false step in this process can cause the entire campaign to create more problems then you would care to experience, but this mentoring program is going to show you how to avoid those horrendous and money-losing pitfalls.

Follow my lead and get ready for celebrity status. . .

Just imagine when you're an Amazon Bestseller (which believe me, on its own is a real thrill), your phone ringing with requests for TV interviews, radio shows, newspaper stories and magazine insertions...

Here are some of the things that happened to me as a result of my becoming an bestseller:

  • Became a guest on Martha Stewart Whole Living Radio
  • Been a guest on over 75 radio shows
  • Listed in countless print magazines such as Obvious, For the Bride, Girlfriendz and My Day Magazine
  • Have been featured on, and (the new #1 Warner Brothers site for Moms)
  • Been a repeat guest on the nationally syndicated "The Daily Buzz" as a mother-in-law expert
  • Was asked to audition and got the position of co-host for an exciting new online radio book show called "Blurb!" Over time, this show could supplant Oprah's now-defunct Book Club as the leading book show in America." —Philip Recchia, director of programming,
  • Sold 5,000 books to the African Women's Business Network
  • Garnered interest from large corporations such as David's Bridal and JC Penny for potential bulk sales
  • Celebrities such as NBC newscaster Roz Abrams asked me for advice on how to publish a book
  • Learning Annex asked me to submit a video worskshop
  • Asked to join a panel of writers at the ASJA (American Associate of Journalists and authors) convention in NYC this spring
  • Got asked to teach a 2 day workshop at a writers conference in San Miguel, Mexico
  • Got accepted into a celebrity gifting organization, and had my books received by Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, Angelina Jolie and Ellen DeGenerers, and many others

Want To Sell More Books In One Day Than Most Authors Sell In An Entire Year?

No matter whom you are, no matter how much or little marketing expertise you have, you have to be more creative than ever to sell books. I've heard the horror stories of authors mortgaging their homes, running up their lines-of-credit and maxing out their credit cards ending up with huge debt and totally disillusioned—and they're still sitting with a huge inventory of books. But, I can show a formula that could quite possibly allow you to sell more books in one day than most authors sell in an entire year! Obviously results vary according to the quality of your book and efforts, but I've seen results like these time-and-time again.

If being able to sell lots of books whenever you want is something you'd like to do, you can have it. In this unique program you'll discover every step of a remarkable recipe for book success!

Listen, I'm an author too, and know very well how challenging it can be to get a book to the top of the charts, keep it there and keep selling lots of copies. But once you learn the proven repeatable formula you can do it again and again and again.

I've Refined My Bestseller Strategy Into a "Recipe" So You Can Follow It Step-By-Step Like Baking a Cake!

Here's why it'll work for you: I'm an author myself whose been there, (and done it with great success!), and participated in dozens of others bestsellers campaigns. You are working with an author who "walks the talk". I've deciphered the hidden formula, mastered each fundamental step and in a carefully mastered program I'll show you everything you need to do to create your own bestseller.

WARNING: one false error in a campaign can make it dive bomb faster than a lead balloon. My greatest concern is witnessing other authors attempting to follow this procedure without having the right expertise and end up with another enormous expensive book marketing endeavor gone sour. I don't want that to happen to you!

Let me plug you into my network of resources ... and save you from expensive and embarrassing mistakes

I created this program because other authors were pleading with me to hold their hand and show them the way... the right way. If you're like most authors, you just don't have the time to create the network, which is why you get to start with mine.

Now I've set it up in a way that will walk you through every one of the proven strategies to have you be the next Amazon Bestselling Author. You'll get everything—every vital component to create your online campaign that will have your book soar right up to the top of the charts; seamlessly and harmoniously.

Here's a few comments from some of the authors that I've been blessed to help:

Mary Singer Wick "Sally's information has been a God-send to me! She has simplified the complicated world of book publishing and marketing in this easy to follow course. I highly recommend learning from Sally how you too can become a top seller on!"

Mary Singer Wick
author, My Heart's Desire: A Journey Toward Finding Extravagant Love


Susan Young "Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work with Sally's course. She has done her homework has taken all of the best courses, paid thousands of dollars to learn the techniques firsthand. She has the experience and is willing to share the truth about what works and what is all hype. She is offering more then a course, she is providing priceless wisdom that can only come from research, experience and a heart that wants to see you successful and reach your full potential. If you want to reach millions with your message Sally can get you there fast, easier and without spending thousands of dollars."

Susan Young
author, A Man's Guide: From Frog to Prince

Derrick Boelter "The information and advice that Sally has given me has saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours of research. She's done the work, and she knows the secret tricks that other authors hope that the rest of us will never find out. And she's found a way to present the information that's actually fun and interesting. I can't recommend Sally's mentoring course enough!"

Derrick Boelter
author, Demo Reel Secrets for Actors

Kathy Perry "Sally—thank you for your high energy, action-packed teleseminar program on How to Become an Bestseller. It was great! You shared so many ideas, website links and success tips, that I was blown away. I've been on many other teleseminars on this topic that didn't reveal a tenth of what you shared. You took it to the 'How to do it' level and shared from your heart. I was writing as fast as I could and took pages of notes. Everyone who wants to know how to do it, should take your course."

Kathy Perry

Andrea Amador "Wow! What can I say! You are truly the wind beneath my wings! You've inspired me to remember to dig deep and really give of myself, fearlessly pushing all the doubts aside. I am so truly proud and honored to be guided and coached by you! You are a one-woman media generating machine, a force to be reckoned with and a true guru in the field of self publishing! Sally Shields, you rock my world!"

Andrea Amador
body-image/self esteem expert, founder,

Sarah Malinak "Sally Shields has been such a gift to me! I will always remember that she was the first author to invite me to participate in a joint venture partnership. It opened up my marketing world for my own books. Taking her newsletter, I was delighted when she began sharing secrets and tips to book publishing, marketing, and how to be an best selling author! Every time her newsletter arrives in my inbox, I gobble it up for new ideas that point me in this or that direction I haven't yet considered but now will because Sally did it first! Even something as simple as ALWAYS carrying a copy of my book in my purse to share at a moment's notice is a treasure I received from Sally!

As a relationship coach, I believe relationships determine the quality of our lives. Whether Sally is sharing from the perspective of the 101 DIL Rules or coaching for marketing and promoting your first or next book, the relationship with Sally enriches people's lives!"

Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, M. Div.
co-author, Getting Back to Love and When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart

Debra Sanders "I commenced my first book launch in November, 2008 after going through an online mentoring program. I think the mentoring program is incredible and does a phenomenal job of teaching one how to market their book to become an online bestseller, and I think anyone planning on marketing their own book would do well to go through that program.

That said however, I would NOT have successfully made it to launch day, much less landed as a bestseller, had it not been for Sally Shields.

Initially I came in contact with Sally after having asked her to be a JVP in the promotion of my new book. I had never heard of The Daughter in Law book or website prior to this time, was unfamiliar with her personally; and had no idea the depth or breadth of her talents. I only knew there was this remarkable example of a launch where this woman managed to secure 108 bonus gifts. 108 bonus gifts! When I first approached Sally, I had four and was thinking I was on a roll!

I can only say this: crossing paths with Sally Shields is one of the best things to have ever happened to me. I can only believe it was a guardian angel that somehow orchestrated our intersection because there is simply no other way to explain my good fortune in having stumbled upon her.

And now that I have (stumbled upon her, that is) it's hard for me to believe I have not known her my entire life. Sally just has that effect upon a person—I feel like she has been my best friend since pre-school, cheering me on with every new endeavor I undertake (never mind that she probably wasn't even a glint in her parent's eyes when I was in pre-school!!!).

I could go on for hours about all the things I love about this woman—how she guided me through my launch step by step; how she encouraged me, shook the pompoms, shared my success; and how she ran interference for me when there were unforeseen glitches that occurred. But even if I did (go on for hours and hours), I would not be able to touch upon the depth of my gratitude, the extent of my amazement or the joy in my heart for knowing her.

The best I can do is simply recommend her. Once touched by Sally, you will understand why there are not words in a dictionary to describe this Vincenta Lombardi of book promotion. She coached through my first launch; I would have no one else coach me through successive launches; and I suspect that in more ways than just this, Sally will remain my coach for many years to come.

I just wished she lived in the same part of the country I did so I could take piano lessons from her too!!!!"

Debra Sanders
author, A Matter of Panache

Ernie Nuylan "Thanks to you, who mentored me every step of the way, the book did quite well on it's launch day. It would not have risen up at all from the bottom of Amazon's list were it not for your very personal support and assistance —you went beyond dutifully doing it into sincerely and lovingly doing it. I felt it. So naturally and effortlessly, you turned my feelings from being a client to a fan and a friend. For this, I am so grateful.

Once again, thanks, so much, from the deepest part of me. I am so happy that in the process of doing this, I found something to treasure the most—your friendship. With much gratitude and appreciation,"

Ernie Nuylan
bestselling author of, The First Christmas: What Could Have Happened

Ed Benjamin "During the months of October and November 2009, I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Sally Shields as my Marketing Coach. Sally has helped me market my book, Cash In on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan. Sally Shields is a phenomenal force of nature and when it comes to advising people on how to market their book, there is no equal. She speaks from experience having learned the lessons she promotes in her counseling sessions from selling her own book, The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Make Friends with Your Mother-In-Law! Her book is a perennial best seller on and other venues. (I know this for a fact because I checked her out on Amazon myself.) Her advice is timely and thought provoking and is targeted toward helping her client maximize sales of his/her book. There is no one whom I would rather have in my corner than Sally Shields.

Another thing about Sally is her enthusiasm. Pick the most positive thinker you can imagine and my guarantee is that that person would seem like a negative thinker when compared to Sally. The closest I came was a fellow Colonel I served with in the Air Force who I used to think made Norman Vincent Peale look like a negative thinker and that Colonel falls far short when compared to Sally's enthusiasm. Would I recommend Sally as a marketing coach? The answer is an unqualified YES!, YES!, YES!"

Ed Benjamin
author of, Cash In on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!

John Edwards "I have worked with other so called experts before Sally that promise the world and just don't deliver, but I will tell anyone that you are the exception, you have been so generous with your time and knowledge and that knowledge had been great, as well as the motivating emails you send that get me going each time. I just wanted to thank you so much regardless of the book launch outcome—and I cannot wait to work with you again and meet you when I travel to the States some time."

John Edwards
author of, Student Mind Power

You Can Use This Formula to Make ANY Decent Book an Bestseller

Why does this strategy work for ALL types of books? Because this strategy is based on online direct marketing and every type of book buyer can be found online. The Bestseller Formula will work with...

  • Brand-new books
  • Books that have been out for years
  • Self-published books (I'm self-published)
  • Traditionally printed books
  • Print-on-demand books (Mine is POD)
  • "E-books"
  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction (this strategy can be implemented for a fiction book as long as it's a book with a benefit to the reader)
  • Business books
  • Self-help books
  • Children's books
  • Religious books
  • Cookbooks
  • Technical books
  • Computer books

See? As long as you have a good book people want, you can apply this formula to any type book.

Here's My personal story: Let me tell you how this "average gal" did it!

I didn't think I had a chance, but I was wrong! This strategy worked like a charm for this stay at home mom of 2 small children who never wrote a book in her life, and thought RAM were the horns on a goat and thought I didn't have a marketing bone in my body.

simple, it turned my book into a bestseller overnight!

After 12 weeks of preparation I figuratively pressed "Go." At that time, my book was ranked 1,254,000 on Amazon.

By that evening, my book had jumped up to #1 in Wedding Showers, and was ranked 1267—overall.

(This is amazing, since there are over 2.5 million books for sale at any one time on

Not bad for someone with no marketing experience and no budget!

And all These Benefits ... And Maybe Even More ... Can Be Yours As a 'Bestselling Author'

FAME —You earn the attention getting credential, "Bestselling Author"

FORTUNE—You may attract major publishers and receive higher advances

OPPORTUNITY—You become valuable to literary agents and they will jump at the chance to represent you

MEGA BOOK SALES—You sell lots of books! That's what it means to be a Bestseller

PERSONAL BRANDING—You become the next household name and you command higher fees for speaking

INTERNATIONAL SALES—You may attract foreign rights buyers

HIGHER FUTURE INCOME—You grow your database with new customers eager to buy your other books and products

MONEY MAKING FRIENDSHIPS—You establish profitable and lasting Joint-Venture Partner relationships with major ezine and website owners

CAREER GROWTH AND PUBLICITY—You jump to celebrity status and its suddenly easy to get publicity and more business

Now you can have someone who has done to take you by the hand and show you how to avoid expensive and embarrassing mistakes

There's no experience necessary. You can be a marketing novice—I was!

Contrary to what you may believe, to launch your own successful online email campaign ...

  • You do NOT need any previous online or marketing experience
  • You do NOT need to personally be a web designer, internet wizard, an internet marketing expert, or HTML programmer. (I'm not a techie either, you just need to know a good web designer)
  • You do NOT need your own huge mailing list (actually, you don't need your own mailing list at all)
  • You do NOT need a fortune in cash (because our formula uses email marketing it's almost free to implement)
  • You do NOT need to leave the comfort of your home office
  • You don't even need your own web site!

What you DO NEED is the right guidance from someone who has launched a successful best seller online email campaign AND experienced the high level of success that you desire.

This is where the Amazon Bestseller Mentoring Program comes in.

Amazingly enough, online marketing is likely one of the most effective methods for marketing books today ... WHEN it is done right.

If you don't know how to do this properly, you could fail miserably.

You'll Become a Master ONLINE Book Promoter

With my Bestseller Program you'll get the repeatable formula to:

  • Turn an unknown book into an overnight success
  • Create an irresistible bundle offer that will make people whip out their credit cards and buy your book
  • Become an immediate recognized expert in your subject area
  • Launch a full-scale campaign in less than 42 days
  • Turn your book into additional revenue producing products (e-books, audios, videos, e-courses, teleseminars, teleconferences, etc.) and make thousands of dollars in additional revenue
  • Get others to send out your book offer to hundreds of thousands of people even if you don't have an email distribution list
  • Build your own high-profit email distribution list
  • Have other people give you the bonus gifts for your campaign
  • Operate your online business from anywhere in the world
  • Drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site that results in additional product sales & more revenue
  • Find out how to get the "right" people to your site

Plus much, much more....

Here's How You Can Join My Program, Learn This Bestseller Strategy, and Be Mentored Personally By Me

I want you to be a part of this special, Amazon Bestseller Homestudy Coaching Program where you are guided to prepare and launch your own best seller campaign.

Here's how it works . . .

This Amazon Bestseller Mentoring Program Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know In Just 5 Supercharged Homestudy Classes

Sally's Amazing Free Publicity 101 Homestudy Program will consist of 5 weeks' worth of pre-recorded teleclasses and PDF files with detailed notes so that you can learn at your own pace.

Plus, you'll receive a number of special bonus gifts bringing you even more value and book marketing power!

Here are the Amazon Bestseller Homestudy Coaching Program Details

Homestudy Class 1—How to Best Prepare Your Amazon Products Page for Maximum Sales Results

Homestudy Class 2—How to Get Other Website Owners in Your Genre that Have Large Email Lists to Promote Your Book for Free

Homestudy Class 3—How to Write Great Sales Copy So that You can Sell a TON of Books on Your Special Day

Homestudy Class 4—Little Known But Powerful Amazon Secrets that Will Help You to Sell More Books

Homestudy Class 5—Incorporating Social Networking into Your Book Launch

Take action and sign up! We are going to cover all these things in the program

SPECIAL: Enroll NOW and You'll Also Receive These FREE BONUS GIFTS

Bonus 1—A Certificate for an Hour of Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Time ($250.00 value). During this one-on-one consultation I'll help you devise a game plan for your particular book, point you in the direction of where you can find list owners likely to promote your book or critique any materials you prepare.

If you need additional one-on-one time, I am there for you with unlimited email & phone support throughout launch day. I want to help you succeed!

Bonus 2I will tell my list of buyers about your book. As long as you have a book that I can ethically recommend, I will promote it with an announcement blurb in my email newsletter at least once.

Bonus 3A List of Potential Joint Venture Partners to be used for Best-Seller campaigns. (a $97 value) This one element alone can make or break your campaign.

Bonus 3—The "Exact & Authentic Sales Letter Examples" from 10 Bestseller Campaigns (a $197 value)

Bonus 4—Link to all 101 Bonus Gifts from the JV partners in my campaign: (a $1997 offer)

Bonus 5— Scott Armstrong's Best Affirmations Workbook: The 30 Day How-To Guide to Actively Create the Life You Want (a $39.95 value)

SPECIAL: Enroll NOW and You'll Also Receive over $711.33 in MORE FREE gifts!

I am being joined by over 22 marketing experts and success coaches to give you an exceptional offer!

Here is what my fellow authors and success experts want to give you. These are from those who want nothing but the best for you... and are giving you all this - for absolutely F-R-E-E!

Have a look at the bonuses you will receive:

  • Tom MurassoPower of The Mind plus *BONUS* Law of Attraction Audio MP3
  • Manny GoldmanThe Power of Personal Growth
  • Jeff Herring, The Article Guy! Article Writing Templates with Examples
  • Janet BeckersThe Law of Attraction in Action
  • Dr. Joe Rubino7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Achievers Club
  • David Riklan, www.SelfGrowth.comThe Top 501 Inspirational Quotes of All Time
  • Dan LowMaximize Your Potential with Powerful Tools... and No Stress
  • Peter ShepherdTools for Transformation
  • Marian BakerWake Up Inspired
  • Rick FrishmanRick Frishman's Million Dollar Rolodex
  • Dr. Pat BacciliFree tools to help you succeed in life!
  • Patrick SnowDean of Destiny
  • Debra BerndtImprove your confidence
  • Terri LevineMagnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance
  • Mike RobbinsThe Power of Appreciation
  • John KremerWhat I Have Learned in 20 Years of Book Marketing
  • Kurek AshleyKeeping The Faith in Times of Turmoil and Top 10 Greatest Stories of Success
  • Kathie M. ThomasTurn Your Blog Into A Book
  • Alexis Martin NeelyWhat Every Women Needs to Know to take Charge of her Life and be Emotionally, Spiritually, and Financially Free
  • Jeanna GabelliniThe Art of Practice
  • Krishna DeTwitter For Business
  • Joan Marie Whelan"3 Key Steps to Creating Financial Freedom" and Bonus audio "Tips for Your Strategic Planning." eReport and Audio mp3

I want to make absolutely certain that you acquire the new skills you'll need to become a Bestseller.

Q. What if I don't have any marketing experience whatsoever?

A. This mentoring program is designed for even the most novice marketer. You do not need any previous marketing or online experience at all!

Q. If my book is more than 1 year old, can I still do this and have it work for me?

A. One of the tremendous benefits of learning this strategy is that you can launch a campaign at any time. You can dig out an old book and dust it off and market it if you wish. Once you learn this strategy you can do campaigns over and over again and continually experience great success.

Q. What if I don't have an email mailing list?

A. You don't need your own mailing list. I'll show you how to get others with pre-qualified email lists to mail for you. I will even run an announcement blurb about your book in my own email newsletter (assuming of course your book isn't objectionable to me)

Q. Will I be able to ask questions?

A. Yes. You can email or call me with any questions that you have along the way.

Q. Can my spouse or business partner listen in on the classes?

A. Absolutely!

Q. You said the program is guaranteed. How does that work?

A. Since I am so confident you will get the exact details for creating a successful Amazon launch, if for some reason you follow the system as I recommend and it doesn't work to get your book onto an online Bestseller List, I will give you every penny of your tuition back. Just write to me and tell me what you did and give me permission to reprint your letter so other people can learn from it. You can keep the bonus gifts from me as an appreciation for your time.

How Much Does My Bestseller Mentoring Program Cost?

Answer: not much compared with life-long benefits of becoming a "Bestselling Author"

If you're wondering, "What's the price of Sally's mentoring program?" I'm glad you asked. That's one of the best parts of what I offer.

You see becoming a Bestselling Author might very well worth be $100,000.00... $500,000.00... even $1 million or more to you over your lifetime.

Once you hit the Bestseller List, that's an accomplishment no one can ever take away from you. It's a priceless asset you'll have for the rest of your life. Many authors who become bestsellers quickly find that doors previously closed to them suddenly now spring open and bring a flood of paid speaking and consulting engagements, lucrative licensing and foreign rights deals, major media appearances, and much more. Many new bestselling authors discover they can double or triple their speaking and consulting fees. Almost all find it much easier to get their future books published (and get hefty advances for them). Major publishers who ignored or rejected them when they were unknowns suddenly compete to publish their next book.

In short, becoming a Bestseller can catapult your career to a whole new level.

For that reason, I thought seriously about charging $5 - 10K for my program. That would be a fair price, but I don't just want to work with rich people. Sure I want to make money, but I really want to help the average author on a tight budget. I remember what it was like only last year when I was a first-time authors myself trying to cost-effectively market my books.

The regular price for my mentoring program was $1,295, but I couldn't help enough authors using 1-on-1 consulting—so I've lowered the price to only $937.00. That's more than a 40% savings. By teaching this privileged information via pre-recorded mp3's, I am able to bring the cost down considerably. As well, you can go at your own pace and use your time most productively.

As an author, you are in business. How much money have you set aside to invest in yourself and your business? Whatever it is, this Bestseller program will be one of the wisest ways you'll ever experience.

Your Tuition Is A Bargain Because You're Guaranteed to Become A Bestseller

Is $937.00 a lot of money? Yes, if you are going to Las Vegas and gambling with it, because only 1 out of 10 people walk away with more money than they started. It's like throwing your money away.

And research shows that only 1 in 1000 authors will becomes bestsellers using traditional book promotion methods like book signings, author tours, etc.

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