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"This is the handbook everyone has been waiting for! Finally, a How-To that will insure success with even the most challenging of mothers-in-law-- because as we know, sometimes talking is just not enough. Follow this advice, and you will experience a lifetime of wedded bliss!"

Susan Page
author, Why Talking is Not Enough

"Wishing you had married an orphan? Forget Valium, read the Daughter-In-Law Rules! If you follow even half of Sally Shield's MIL "management" advice, you'll save yourself years of frustration, anger and anti-depressants!"

Lisa Earle McLeod
syndicated newspaper columnist and author, Forget Perfect and Finding Grace When You Can't Even find Clean Underwear

"I loved every minute of this book! Sally illuminates a classically delicate relationship with such a zesty playfulness that instead of cringing I was laughing. Easy to follow advice, coupled with wit and humor, I finished The Daughter-in-Law Rules in one sitting!"

Susanne Paynovich a quatic exercise specialist, and founder of

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"WOW! A picture book for grown-ups! A colorful, fun, and inspiring book that shows us IT CAN BE DONE!"

~Bonnie D. Graham, TV host

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? brings real women of all shapes and sizes into a wonderfully produced book with stats and photos.

~Monique Rowe, blogger

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? gives advice and tips from real women who have found a solution to their weight issues and offers motivation to those who are still finding their way. A little something for everyone!"

~Mary Jones, radio host

"This book is NOT 'another one of those'; it's radically different and inspiring. Seeing photos of women sharing their stories elevated this from another 'rah rah' book about dieting to one showing that whether you're 20 or 70, healthy weight loss and a healthy life are possible."

~Christa Allan, author

"Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? is funny and informative. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to lose weight."

~Christy Whitman, author

"Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? is a wonderful book to read because you learn that being healthy and maintaining a fit body is a choice that requires discipline."

~Naren Arulrajah, columnist

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"Sally's indispensible book is fun, easy to read and loaded with essential information. Don't even think about collaborating without reading it!"

Mark Steisel

"The Collaborator Rules offers wise and upbeat advice. Sally Shields practices what she preaches, while passing on her life lessons in a fun, compelling, and caring way."

LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D.
psychologist, social worker and author

"This book provides the solutions to all problems faced (financial or otherwise) when collaborating on a writing project. The Collaborator Rules is an excellent read, easy to implement, covers all the issues that might arise and throws at the reader a healthy dose of amusement to keep you grounded and smiling. If you are thinking of collaborating on any type of project, writing or anything else, it is well advised that you purchase a copy of The Collaborator Rules before you choose your collaborators. The book offers you explanations of all of the pitfalls to watch out for and solutions to problems that arise during collaboration. I wish I had read this book 10 years ago. The Collaborator Rules would have saved me a lot of grief. It will definitely save you having to overcome a lot of collaboration problems.

Rowdy Rhodes site manager, freelance writing organization, Int.

"Not everyone is as lucky as I am, having had the pleasure of working with so many outstanding collaborators and co-authors. Still, I received from this delightful book many nuggets of wisdom will help me be a more effective collaborator with those who do me the honor of working with me. Sally has a way of sharing her wisdom that combines a light-hearted, humorous and entertaining style with very, very important lessons that cut right to the heart of an issue. If you are thinking of collaborating with someone on a project, are in the midst of doing so, or have done so previously, I suggest you read this book."

Bob Burg
author of books including Endless Referrals and co-author of The Go-Giver

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What are The Daughter-In-Law Rules?

The DIL Rules

"This is the handbook everyone has been waiting for! Finally, a how-to that will insure success with even the most challenging of mothers-in-law. Follow this advice, and you will experience a lifetime of wedded bliss!"

Susan Page, author, Why Talking is Not Enough

February 20, 2008, Denver, CO and New York, New York— Outskirts Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-in-Law! by award-winning musician, composer, and author Sally Shields.

Your mother-in-law is coming! As your husband announces that his mother is due to arrive in a couple of hours, your hands sweat and your heart begins to palpitate as you quickly try to neaten and straighten the house to perfection. Help! Can you possibly live up to her standards? Will anything you do be to her satisfaction? Why does the mother of your beloved always cause such fear and trepidation?

Sound familiar? Millions of women have strained or outright hostile relationships with their "MIL" (mother-in-law). But does it have to be that way? Absolutely not! Author Sally Shields comes to the rescue with a delightful and witty book on how to deal with the other woman in your husband's life- his mom. "Although my own relationship with my mother-in-law got off to a rocky start," says Sally, "by implementing the devices outlined in The Daughter-in-Law Rules, we now enjoy a special bond."

Sally knew she needed to take matters into her own hands and change the dynamic with her MIL for the better, or risk her relationship with her husband. So she started jotting down every bothersome incident, misunderstanding, and irritating encounter and created a rule and a solution for each and every one of them. The Daughter-in-Law Rules covers everything from everyday household matters to unwanted advice on childrearing. It is chockfull of real-life situations and scenarios and how to deal with them all with grace and humor.

"The point of The Daughter-in-Law Rules is to help you stay one step ahead of your mother-in-law," says Sally. With a little effort and patience, every new wife will be able to coexist peacefully with her mother-in-law!

In The Daughter-in-Law Rules you will learn:

  • The 10 Essential Things Every Newlywed Needs to Know in Order to Guarantee a Lifetime of Wedded Bliss! (or What to Do When the Honeymoon is Over-Literally!)
  • The Top Three Trickiest Topics : Advice, Interests and Gift Giving— and Just How to Handle Them!
  • The Most Common Mistakes That Daughter-in-Laws Make (and how to correct them!)
  • The 7 Top Tips for Daughter-in-Law Survival During Holiday Time!
  • The Magical Methods of How to Handle House and Home (and the Distinct Differences Between Your Place and Hers)
  • The Four Imperative Policies You Must Adopt when Dining with Your MIL!
  • The Two Simple Strategies That Will Abolish All Arguments with Your Husband in Regards to his mother— Forever!
  • The 5 Indispensable Insider Tips for What to Expect When You (And Your Mil) Are Expecting!
  • Tried and True Techniques for Having the Happiest MIL on the Block (During Baby's First Year!)
  • The 7 Significant Tidbits To Study Prior to Visiting With your Toddler!
  • The Simple Four Step Process That Any Daughter-In-Law Can Immediately Employ To Eliminate 90% of All Future D.I.L.Z (Daughter-In-Law Zings!) And Create a Personalized Set of Rules Customized for Your Very Own MIL!

...and much, much more!

The Thin Book!

The Thin Book

What woman hasn't murmured that to herself upon encountering a slender member of the female species? Especially one who has had children, or is older than 30?

Even as she ponders it, behind that question is another—is it lucky genes or hard work? In this inspiring book, Sally Shields demonstrates that she again has her finger on the pulse of the collective female psyche, as 101 women share how they manage to keep fit.

America's Celebrity Mom Reveals The Master Secrets—Those That Give You The Power to Change...Everything!

Ever since college, I have struggled with my weight. I was obsessed with new fad diets such as calorie restriction, low-fat, low-carb, cabbage soup, Acai berry, the Zone, South Beach, and the Grapefruit, Lemonade, and Special K diets! I have fallen off the wagon and eaten pizza (many slices at one sitting) and ice cream. Whole tubs of it. Entire packages of pasta. And my personal weakness, Thai food. Lots of it.

Discover the amazing secrets of how to lose weight, become vitally alive and achieve your most cherished dreams, in this compilation of over 1 year of intense research. You can tap into your personal power, but only if you act now!

A couple years into marriage, I experienced such hunger pangs during pregnancy that I ate on the hour, round the clock. After all, this was the proverbial time of life that one could simply eat and not be judged—a great excuse to enjoy food! Well, by the time my second child was born, I was the heaviest I'd ever been, but hey, I was a mom, right?

This 235 page book is jam-packed with the information you've been craving!

Nonetheless, I vowed to watch what I ate—that is, until the next hunger pang came along, and I didn't exactly feel like giving up the bagels and pasta! I thought about joining a gym, but already had an exercise bike at home, so why spend the money? So I got on it. But somehow, because I was "exercising," I also allowed myself to eat more. So when the nice lady next door came over with some holiday treats, I had three pieces. Uh-oh... The next day, I hesitantly stepped on the scale. I knew then that I had a problem, a serious problem that wasn't getting better, but in fact was getting worse. Not only was I obsessed with losing weight and dieting, but I was failing, and gaining weight. This scared me!

You will literally change the way you think, and discover everything you need to make a profound and positive improvement in your life and body, and intensify your level of happiness!

All those skinny women out there... it couldn't all be just genetics. I thought to myself, "Well, why not go ahead and just ask these women for their insider secrets, and not just a little piece of advice they could pass off while waiting for the kids after school." I would ask a LOT of women a LOT of questions. I would find out the real deal. I desperately wanted to be thin again! I even had a cartoon drawn of myself at my ideal weight (see the cover of this book!). Having someone sketch you thin is a lot easier than diet and exercise—LOL! But I wondered how exactly to lose weight, and keep it off, for good.

The personal payoff you will receive after reading just one chapter is worth at least 100 times your investment. Add in hundreds of dollars of FREE bonus products, and the offer is, well, irresistible!

So, in typical investigative fashion, I went about gathering the myriad profiles contained in this book in order to uncover, and ultimately divulge, the secrets of the sexy and slim. I wanted to know precisely what people ate, how much, when, were they always thin, and if not, what they did about it. Did they drink a lot of water, use supplementation? What were their fitness routines, and did they include weight training? What attitudes and philosophies did they embody? And anything and everything else I could think of, I would ask them. I wanted to find out if their skinniness was a force of nature, luck of the draw, or a matter of discipline at work!

The Collaborator Rules

The Collaborator Rules

In the FIRST Book of its kind, author and America's favorite "Collaborator Comrade" shows readers a whole new way to get along with their collaborators...


The Collaborator Rules!

"Sally's indispensible book is fun, easy to read and loaded with essential information. Don't even think about collaborating without reading it!"

Mark Steisel

What Are the Collaborator Rules?

"The Collaborator Rules offers wise and upbeat advice. Sally Shields practices what she preaches, while passing on her life lessons in a fun, compelling, and caring way."

LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D.
psychologist, social worker and author

What does it take to successfully collaborate on a book or project? What does it require to be successful in any relationship? In The Collaborator Rules, Sally Shields spells out exactly how to identify the co-author of your dreams.

In this delightful new offering, many nuggets of wisdom will help anyone be a more effective collaborator. Chock full of great advice, The Collaborator Rules can make the difference between your writing partner becoming a trusted friend or mortal foe.

Laced with humor, these strategies combine wisdom with a light-hearted, humorous and entertaining style. Funny, insightful and full of great tips, The Collaborator Rules will make your next collaboration a successful and fun endeavor!

You will learn how to Identify the Collaborator of Your Dreams ... and Save Yourself a Lot of Stress and Trouble Along the Way!

Lots of writers work with collaborators. From screenwriting comedy teams to textbook authors, writing is not always best done alone, wallowing in self-pity. And so, many innocent, doe-eyed writers enter into collaboration, without thoroughly considering the consequences of this monumental decision. If your writing is important to you, you must make sure that the collaboration is right for you. And yet, for writers considering collaboration, or already working within that tricky relationship, there has been no recipe for success. There has been no guide that explains everything you should know about collaboration, and more. Until now!

In the Collaborator Rules you will learn:

  • The 3 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Collaborator
  • How to Identify the Right Collaborator for You and Your Project
  • How to recognize early warning signs before you commit
  • The Simple 5 Setp Test That Your Collaborator Must Pass - or Pass!
  • The Imperative Legal Steps You Must Take, No Matter How Much You Like Your Collaborator
  • Why You Can Have a Friend or a Collaborator, But Usually Not Both
  • Why Selecting a Collaborator Can Be as Serious As Getting Engaged
  • Why Signing a Prenup with Your Collaborator is Imperative
  • Why You Must Clearly Define Your Responsibilities and Roles in Advance
  • How to Effectively Communicate Disagreements with Your Collaborator
  • The Art of Effective Compromise
  • What to Do When Things Go Awry with Your Collaborator
  • Why Sending a Fruit Basket May Save You From Getting Sued
  • How to Effectively Break Up with Your Collaborator
  • A Simple 4 Step Process That Can Solve Almost Any Collaborator Disagreement - Instantly!

... and much, much more!

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